Nestled between the agricultural region of Seymour and Shepparton, Nagambie is a spectacular city in Victoria, Australia. It overlooks the beautiful lake Namagbie and offers a range of water-specific activities and events. The biggest point of interest is the spectacular Goulburn River. The City Center is located on High Street, and you will find much of the town’s commercial sectors here. Additionally, you will also find beautiful strips of land that are decorated as gardens.

In case you are planning to visit Nagambie for these wonderful tourist delights, you’re probably wondering what is the weather like in Nagambie? In this article, we will answer that question and share several other snippets of wisdom about the spectacular Nagambie.

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Weather in Nagambie

January to February (Summer)

In Nagambie, January and February are considered the tropical summer months. In January, the temperature varies between 32 degrees Celsius to 16.5 degrees Celsius and in February, it drops two degrees both in the upper and lower end. The summers are warm during the day and cooler at night. The average summertime temperature in the city would be around 30 degrees Celsius but this varies depending on other environmental factors.

Either way, if you are planning to visit the city for a sunny afternoon by the iconic Nagambie lake, this would be a great time. Of course, you need to take extra precautionary measures for the heat, but the trip is certainly worth it.

Also, note that January stands out as one of those months which is least humid when compared to others. So, if you don’t want to stick out in the humidity, it’s best to plan your short trip in the summer months. During this time, you can also indulge in a range of water sports by the lake. Additionally, you can also head for a visit across the wineries. There’ll be plenty to do and because the heat isn’t as much, you can conveniently travel during this time.

March, April, and May

March stands out as the first autumn month in the city. Usually, it is a moderately hot month and the temperature ranges between 14 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius. You can expect similar weather in April with the average temperature ranging between 10.5 degrees to 29.8 degrees Celsius.

Finally, we have May which is the ultimate autumn month in the city. As with March and April, you can expect moderate heat with temperatures of 7.5 degrees to 16 degrees Celsius. Temperature fluctuations are at their peak during May, so plan your trip accordingly if you insist on visiting the city during that time.

If you are visiting Nagambie during the autumn months, you can also expect sudden and moderate rain as you would find in a tropical region. Rains do not last long but it still makes sense to take precautionary gear like raincoats and waterproof luggage if you are planning to travel the city at this time.

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June, July, and August

With May being the last autumn month, we have winter starting from June in Nagambie. As you would probably expect, June is a cool month and temperatures typically range between 4.5 and 13 degrees Celsius. You can expect a similar degree of coldness in July which is the second winter month in Nagambie. During this time, you can expect an average temperature of 4.2 degrees to 12.2 degrees Celsius. If you are traveling to Nagambie in July carry plenty of winter gear because this is also the coldest month of the city.

The temperature gets slightly milder in August and the usual range is between 4 and 13.2 degrees Celsius. If you are planning to travel to Nagambie during the winter months carry jackets, hats, and additional winter gear. As with the autumn months, you can expect slight to moderate rainfall, so, carry your raincoats and rain jackets as well. Make sure you are completely prepared to endure the chill especially if you are traveling to Victoria from a tropical region.

September, October, and November

If you want to witness flowers blooming at the beautiful parks of Nagambie, you might want to visit the city during the first spring month, September. This month usually boasts a pleasant climate with an average temperature of around 5 to 16 degrees Celsius. October follows suit and is equally pleasant. During this time, the temperature is slightly volatile and may range from 8 degrees Celsius to a whopping 21 degrees Celsius. The average high point, however, is 16.6 decent degrees, to say the least.

November is the final month of spring, and it is fairly warm. If you are visiting Nagambie in November, expect the temperature around 11.1 degrees Celsius and 25.3 degrees Celsius. You will enjoy an overall warmth and temperature fluctuations will be at the lowest. If we are talking average temperatures, you can expect around 21 degrees Celsius during November.


December is often touted as the first summer month of the city. This month is fairly hot, and the average temperature stands around 14 degrees Celsius and 28.3 degrees Celsius. Over time, you might witness some temperature increases, though it won’t be as intense.

Ideally, we suggest you avoid traveling to the city in December because of the extreme heat. The humidity is also high, and you will probably sweat throughout most of your trip. To avoid this, plan your trip in January for the lowest humidity or September for pleasant weather. Summers in tropical regions can get extremely intense so make sure you carry high-quality sunscreens along with other sun-resistant gear like hats and sunglasses during your trip. Carry plenty of packaged water because you might get thirsty on the trip. Avoid planning picnics in December for extreme temperature fluctuations.

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Things to do in Nagambie

If you are visiting Nagambie for the first time, you are probably wondering what to do in the town. While there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied, one of the top options would be a visit to the Jacobsons Outlook. This is a beautiful park stretching from the small shops in the area to the majestic lakes of the town. You will find some of the best and most picturesque views of the lake from this location.

As you visit the park, you will also find the iconic structure of the Australian Black Caviar, a popular racehorse from Nagambie. The horse has easily dubbed the legendary status by winning 25 races back-to-back. If you’re looking to try something even more extraordinary, you might want to visit Buckley Park. Located right at the Southern tip of Nagambie Lake, this park offers scores of activities starting from a ramp, dedicated rowing sessions, picnics, and more. The last point of River Street is called the River Street Reserve and it comes with multiple picnic options across the shoreline. What’s more, it also has a specific area for swimming.

The northern parts of Nagambie are surrounded by the Goulbourn Weir which was created during the late eighties. Thanks to the Weir, the lake of Nagambie is as expansive and massive as it currently stands. If you enjoy picnics, you can host a small picnic in this location. Because it also comes with additional BBQ facilities, you will spend a spectacular time here. Ideally, you can visit the spot after April for a cool and temperate climate.

The next big takeaway of Nagambie is the Kirwans bridge. With a length spanning across 300 meters and an age close to 10 decades, this lake is located in the Northern part of the city. According to several archeologists, this is also the biggest and longest structure in Victoria that is crafted from timber.

Finally, if you enjoy wine, you might want to check out the multiple wineries located in the vicinity. You will primarily find them in Tablik and some parts of Murchison. Another popular area called Mitchellstown also hosts scores of excellent wineries.

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As you choose your location, do bear in mind that Nagambie lake is perhaps the only region across the globe where the usual climate is affected by the interior water channels. Thanks to the multiple lakes and other water bodies like lagoons, you will enjoy a relatively cool climate in the area. To add to that, you would enjoy some stunning views of the red loam. This loam is especially crucial as it boosts the quality of grapes and incorporates an entirely new flavor quotient to the wine.

Bottom Line

Overall, Nagambie boasts excellent temperature. If you are looking to enjoy some summertime fun, you might want to visit the city during January. Because the humidity is low, you wouldn’t sweat as much and still get an opportunity to make the most of water sports in the nearby lakes. Again, if you are love gardens and wineries, we suggest you visit Nagambie in September. The weather is pleasant, to say the least and you find the gardens blooming bright with their spring blooms. Just follow our temperature guide before your trip and you’re all set for an exciting adventure.

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