Things To Do in Nagambie, the Jewel of Victoria

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Nagambie is a picturesque tiny town in Victoria, only an hour away from Melbourne. Its awe-inspiring nature and exquisite wines are welcoming people from the entire country, as well as foreign visitors who seek a relaxing getaway far from the city.

A picturesque lake, river beds, and historic sites surrounded by cosy accommodation and restaurants for the complete enjoyment of every visitor are only some of the treats of Nagambie.

Whether you’re a solo traveller or want to surprise your dear one with a romantic escape, this quintessential town is where every curious traveller wants to be. There are plenty of things to do in Nagambie, and here’s what you shouldn’t miss if you’re ever nearby. 

Things to Do in Nagambie 

Water Sports on Nagambie Lake

Nagambie is most famous for its stunning man-made lake, the greatest tourist attraction in town. People who enjoy long walks by the water, jogging, outdoor yoga, or a power morning stroll love Nagambie lakeshores.

Besides regular activities, this lake offers incredible fishing experiences for local and foreign visitors as its waters are thriving with Redfin, Murray Cod, Golden Perch, and the famous Rainbow Trout.

If you fancy throwing a line while vacationing, then this is the perfect spot for you. Also, the lake’s flat surface offers extraordinary water skiing and rowing conditions, while sailing is favourite among visitors who prefer a chill afternoon with a glass of wine. 


In the case of people who don’t skip exercising during vacations, Nagambie offers a 3km hike to the top of Mt. Wombat Lookout, where you can enjoy 360-degree scenic views of the Goulburn Weir and the Waranga Basin. This is a moderately difficult hike with plenty of picnic spots on the way to the Lookout. Don’t miss the Bakehouse jelly slice near Bridgewater’s bridge. 


Nagambie has a blossoming dining scene thanks to the increased interest of passing by tourists. Numerous restaurants and cafes overlook the lake and tickle the palates of curious visitors.

One of the spots with the best deck and airy dining is Nagambie Brewery and Distillery, offering a superb mix of share plates with local ingredients, pizzas, and of course, a homebrewed beer. If you’re not into beer or it’s too early, Nagamie Bakery offers an endless selection of pastries and baked goods for every taste.


Wine lovers are in paradise in Nagambie. The lake region produces some of the best wines in the country, so many visitors choose this destination only to try its finest. Mitchelton, Fowles Wine, David Traeger Wines, and the 1860 Tahbilk are some of the renowned wineries in the area worth visiting. 

River Cruising

The best way to visit the wineries is by boat. Nagambie offers a river cruising experience that starts at Mitchelton and ends at Tahbilk. The town’s famous river is Goulburn, and the name of the tour is Goulburn Explorer River Cruiser. It is an excellent opportunity to check Nagambie waterways closely, enjoy the scenic views, and share a bottle of Marsanne with someone you love. 

Art and Craft

If you want to go gift shopping or try the best local produce and homemade delicacies, don’t miss the Nagambie Lakes Community Market. Here, you can find handmade jewellery and crafts, jams, leather products, sheepskin, sauces, and delicacies. In the case of the ones who are searching for fresh produce, Nagambie Farmers Market at Tahbilk operates every fourth Sunday in the month. 

Skydive Nagambie

Adrenaline seekers will love this super fun adventure suitable for people with hearing and vision impairment as well. It’s available every day for A$300-500. Enjoy the scenic views from above, and take irreplaceable memories back home.

Black Caviar Statue 

Enough talking about food, Black Caviar is Nagambie’s record-winning horse who won 25 races from 25 starts. Nelly, as local people call Black Caviar, was born in 2006 on Gilgai Farm in Nagambie, and it’s been a local pride since the record in 2013.  

The same year, people erected a statue of Black Caviar on High Street to honour the champion. 

Stop by to see the most popular resident of Nagambie if you ever come to town. 


No, but there are some excellent coffee places, such as Scullers Cafe Restaurant and Old Kitchen Cafe. 

Yes, most of the restaurants in Nagambie require previous online check-in and QR code scanning. 

Yes, due to coronavirus restrictions and measurements, most wineries require their clients to book a wine tasting tour upfront.