What do you think of when you hear the name Nagambie? A beautiful Victorian town with gorgeous golden beaches, surrounded by rolling green hills and picturesque farmlands? Well, that’s exactly what I think of.

But is buying a house in Nagambie a good idea?

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Reasons Why Nagambie is a Great Place to Move

The township of Nagambie is located east of Melbourne, Victoria. It’s named after an Aboriginal word meaning meeting place and was first settled by Europeans in 1836.

Since then, it has become popular as both a destination for tourists visiting nearby Lake Edward and as a base for outdoor activities like horse riding or canoeing on Spring Creek, fishing, or bushwalking.

What makes it so great for residents is that it offers easy access to metropolitan Melbourne without being too far from other major cities like Canberra. It’s also great for those who want to enjoy all that Australia has to offer but are looking for something quieter than city life.

Things to Consider Before Moving to Nagambie

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement about buying a house in Nagambie, Victoria. But first, be sure to consider whether you’ll be comfortable living there; it will be your home for many years.

Figure out whether your commute will be manageable and if you have enough room for extra guests. Most importantly, take into account whether you’ll like your neighbors.

It’s great if they’re there when you need them-like they can watch your kids or your pets-but not so great if they’re always getting drunk on their porch or yelling at their kids across the street. If all of these questions seem doable for you, then by all means move forward!

Where You Should Look for Your House in Nagambie

While there are many websites that list properties around Victoria, it is usually wise to go with real estate agents who deal with your locality. The prices listed on such sites may not be very accurate and so you could end up paying more or less than what is fair.

If possible, ask for recommendations from people close to you about where to look for houses in Nagambie. You can also ask friends or relatives living in other parts of Victoria if they know anyone who deals with real estate there.

What’s the Weather Like in Nagambie?

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The area around Nagambie enjoys four distinct seasons and they are typically very extreme. During summer, it’s not uncommon to have temperatures soar into the mid-30s or even 40C.

And, winters can be cold and wet. On average, snow falls about ten times every year. If you’re looking for warm weather all year round, Nagambie might not be for you. But if you want affordable living with lots of natural beauty and variety, it could be just what you need!

Why Do People Move to Nagambie?

Moving to Nagambie isn’t just about buying a house and settling down-it’s also about finding a new lifestyle. The town has plenty of open spaces, great natural beauty, and affordable real estate.

And although it is small by any measure, it has an active population that supports multiple clubs and societies and local events like music concerts and fundraisers for good causes. It’s easy to make friends in Nagambie because there are so many friendly people from all walks of life who enjoy going out together.

There are shopping hubs nearby so you don’t have to travel far for more supplies or other items.

Fun Activities in Nagambie

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As your family settles into their new home, you’ll want to get out and enjoy all that Australia has to offer. In Nagambie, there are plenty of vineyards, farms, and other fun things to see.

One of the most popular festivals is held each year at Lake Nagambie itself. The lake is huge and offers plenty of space for activities on its shores, which makes it an ideal location for large events like this one.

If you’re looking for some exercise during your stay, consider taking part in one of many running races offered throughout Victoria during the summer months; a few of them even pass through nearby towns like Benalla and Wangaratta!


Attracting golfers from all over Victoria, Nagambie Golf Club is a hidden gem offering an amazing golfing experience and breathtaking views.


Nagambie is home to many important landmarks such as National Trust Fossil Site, Shaw Reserve & Lake Chew, and The Trevallyn Dam, just to name a few. Don’t forget to stop by one of the many cafes or restaurants while you are out exploring.

Crime Rates in Nagambie

Whilst it is true that Melbourne has a reputation for being crime-ridden, here’s some good news; Nagambie does not. Whilst criminals will prey on any community (particularly one as small as Nagambie), those crimes that typically affect people who live and work in small communities are extremely low.

For example, car thefts and break-ins are much less likely to occur than they would be if you lived closer to Melbourne. This isn’t to say there aren’t any crimes at all; quite simply, there is no such thing as “perfectly safe”. It’s just that your odds of becoming a victim of crime are statistically lower if you live or work here than they would be if you lived elsewhere.

Wineries In Nagambie

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The Australian wine industry began in South Australia and has grown to become an important factor in national culture. There are many well-known Australian wineries that you can visit, including Tahbilk Winery and Cellar Door, Mitchelton Estate, and Yering Station Winery.

These award-winning establishments offer excellent vineyard tours and produce delicious wines that you will want to try while visiting Australia. You can even enjoy these beverages with a picnic or on your patio at home after ordering them online from Wine Direct.

With hundreds of wineries across Australia, there is no shortage of options for an unforgettable wine tasting experience. You will find even more choices when traveling between cities as many hotels provide complimentary breakfast with a selection of local wines for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Population in Nagambie

Total Population 1,886 as of this writing. The most recent Census showed that 498.3% of people living in Nagambie are aged between 0-19 years old. This is followed by people aged 20-39 at 492.4%, and then finally by those aged 40-59 at 491.9%.

The median age of people living in Nagambie is 39 years old, and 51% of people are female while 49% are male (gender ratio).

Restauraunts in Nagambie

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Many local eateries exist in and around Nagambie, each offering up their own specialties. The Bakery, for example, is perfect for those looking to grab some lunch to-go-they’re known for their great sandwiches, pastries, and coffee.

You might also consider BIlly Burgers, which offers a delicious range of gourmet burgers and other takeaway options.

Thai By The Lake offers a delicious selection of Thai cuisine with quaint outdoor seating outside where you can look out at the beautiful Lake Nagambie.

Price of Houses in Nagambie

The average price in Nagambie is roughly $575,000; however, it can vary widely depending on where you’re looking. Take into account that some places have higher rates of capital growth than others.

Houses in Nagambie are cheaper on average than other houses in Victoria. Houses in Victoria as a whole average around $750,000. You’ll definitely save some money here if you’re still asking yourself is buying a house in Nagambie a good idea.

Schools in Nagambie

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Located on Kilmore Street, Nagambie Primary School is surrounded by many attractions, including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Maybury Park.

 It was opened as an establishment in 1925 and became co-educational soon after; it currently caters to approximately 290 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

An exceptional education can be found at St. David’s College as well, located on High Street and off Victoria Street. Its stately presence has been highly acclaimed by many architectural reviewers and its facilities are nothing short of amazing.

Traffic in Nagambie

The average commute time is 34 minutes, which will differ greatly depending on your location. Residents who work downtown can expect an average commute of 40 minutes; residents who work outside of downtown should plan for approximately 54 minutes.

Findings also revealed that 25% of workers have to travel more than 30 minutes each way to get to their job, compared with 13% nationally. The number of driving commuters did was also analyzed and compared against all other regions within Australia.

It was discovered that most people from Nagambie travel by car and do so relatively often, with 78% of them choosing to drive all or some of the way to work. This is higher than 50% nationally but comparable to figures from nearby suburbs.


So, is buying a house in Nagambie a good idea? I would say definitely yes. If you are looking for a safe, beautiful, and affordable place to live then Nagambie is the place for you.

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