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Nagambie has a range of accommodation options. If you enjoy camping then Nagambie is the place for you. We have a range of camping options both on and off the lake. Or if you’re looking for that cosy getaway we have plenty of Bed & Breakfast or private cottage options and lets not forget those travelling on business or wanting something a bit more convenient in town there are a range of comfortable hotels and motels to choose from.

The Best Restaurants in Nagambie for Food Fanatics

Nagambie is a heaven on Earth place; not only for its pristine blue lake but also its culinary delicacies and local organic produce. If you ever come to Victoria state and get tired of Melbourne, hop on a train or bus and take a few-day vacation in the awe-inspiring town of Nagambie.

The home of Goulburn River and Valley, Nagambie is a hotspot for enology experts and anyone who likes to take a sip of wine in the middle of nature. However, wine isn’t the only strong side of this extraordinary region. Foodies are also welcome to come and explore the variety of cuisines inspired by the organic produce and hardworking local farmers and fishermen. 

The Best Places to Eat in Nagambie 

Zephyrz – Restaurant And Bar 

Any restaurant rating online you check will lead you to one number one dining spot, and that’s Zephyrz Restaurant and Bar, a superb modern place with extraordinary dishes that vary between pasta and burgers to seafood and fresh salads. The best thing about this place is its setup and of course, the organic local produce the chefs are using for the mouth-watering dishes.

Foxhole Nagambie 

Foxhole Nagambie is our second choice for Nagambie restaurants. Nobody can resist (except maybe vegans) the locally produced bacon people serve at Foxhole. The menu consists of delicious mixed plates that you’ll never forget. Does leek and potato pancakes with smoked salmon sound tasty? What about a brown bread sandwich with corned beef and seeded mustard and sauerkraut before heading to the winery? Foxhole is surely one of the best spots to eat while in the area, so if you’re ever nearby, visit this food powerhouse. 

Thai By the Lake 

Thai By the Lake offers the most delicious Thai food in town. Besides that, this restaurant has breathtaking views of Nagambie Lake, which makes it one of the most attractive in the area. Salads, noodles, stir fry, entrees, fried rice, and house specials like lemongrass prawns, red duck curry, and tamarind fish are some of the favourite dishes of visitors, so if you come to town, make sure to eat at least one meal at this unique place. 

Tahbilk Wetlands View Restaurant

Tahbilk is the oldest winery in the Nagambie Lakes region, and the Wetlands View Restaurant is a must if you ever come to the area. Formerly known as Tahbilk Cafe, this restaurant offers a plethora of main courses, including the delicious macadamia crust barramundi, fennel & dill slaw, sweet carrots or slow-cooked lamb shoulder in mango, and parsley sauce with pumpkin and organic lentils. There are no words to describe the richness of these tastes. The restaurant has awesome views of the wetlands, as the name suggests, and it offers gluten-free and vegan food options. 

Nagambie Brewery and Distillery 

Although beer and beverages have the main focus in this beloved restaurant, its food is also mind-blowing. Generous portions and excellent chefs are the trademarks of Nagambie Brewery and Distillery. Calamari salad, bourbon BBQ pork ribs, wood-fired pizza, fish burgers, and even Belgian waffles are only some of the delicacies on the menu of this creative restaurant business. While here, you must try one of its beers, locally brewed, created especially for your weekend getaway. 

There’s no doubt that a town tiny as Nagambie, in the middle of vine valleys and scenic lakes and rivers, has a spectacular culinary scene. With a variety of tastes and flavours to satisfy even the pickiest palate, Nagambie restaurants offer fusion menus for every taste and diet preference. There is no such dish that you can’t find here, so when you get a chance, visit one of these friendly spots and enjoy a perfect meal with a glass of your favourite wine.


No, but there are some excellent coffee places, such as Scullers Cafe Restaurant and Old Kitchen Cafe. 

Yes, most of the restaurants in Nagambie require previous online check-in and QR code scanning. 

Yes, due to coronavirus restrictions and measurements, most wineries require their clients to book a wine tasting tour upfront. 

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