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Something for those who want a sandwich, salad or something to take on the go. These are the places for you. Relaxed and informal ready to serve you!

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Best Cafes in Nagambie

Great food helps make a place great and for every trip you take, there will always be a restaurant or cafe that you will remember as a highlight of your vacation. It could be the smell of freshly brewed coffee or the taste of homemade pies that makes you feel at home.

For your next trip to Nagambie, you must visit the best cafes in town to enjoy a variety of sandwiches, pies, homemade goodies, and, of course, great coffee.

You can visit all of these establishments on foot, which gives you a great opportunity to explore the town and its beautiful views and architecture. It will feel like you’re way farther from the big cities than you actually are, which is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the busy world that you have in the city.

What to Order in Nagambie

What to order will depend on which establishment you visit, but the safe choices here are the sandwiches and the homemade pies that are to die for. Wait for a flavor bomb to explode in your mouth with the best cuisine the Goulburn region can offer. After all, there’s nothing better than homemade food.

To drink, you can choose soft drinks, coffee, or water. Coffee is the best option since there’s just something about the combination of coffee and pie that makes the eating experience in Nagambie unique.

Old Lake Kitchen

The Old Lake Kitchen is a cozy place that will put you right into the town’s spirit immediately. The place is attended by both locals and visitors and makes everyone feel at home from the moment you arrive. The staff is friendly and welcoming to all who bring positive energy to the town.

The specialty is coffee and sandwiches that you can eat in their relaxed space or order as a takeaway. They also have homemade goodies that are perfect for those with sweet tooth.

Cafe 3 One 7

Cafe 3 One 7 is a great place to have lunch while in Nagambie with its sandwiches, salads, and hot daily specials that just keep on improving.

If you’re looking for a place to make a pit stop from the lake activities and enjoy a refreshing meal, Cafe 3 One 7 will be a perfect choice. Bring your smile and an empty stomach to enjoy this cafe.

Nagambie Bakery and Coffee Lounge

The Nagambie Bakery and Coffee Lounge is great for breakfast and early evening snacks. This is the perfect place to go to before or after you’ve come back from the lake, and you can find it right in the center of the town.

With homemade pies, sandwiches made to order, and delicious treats, the Nagambie Bakery is the perfect hangout spot if you’re coming in as a group.

Pro tip: order the steak & mushroom pie.

Honorable Mentions

Although it is impossible to visit all businesses in town, you could make an effort to go to as many as you can. Supporting the local economy is a great way to keep a beautiful place like Nagambie alive and prospering.

When in town, try to go to local stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes, but if you want to cook for yourself, you can always find something at the local supermarket. The great thing about Nagambie is that there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and nobody will leave without finding something amazing to eat.

So, if you have the time, go to other coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in the Goulburn region. It is a great place to make culinary memories that will last a lifetime.


Yes, there are great options for breakfast in Lake Nagambie like the Old Lake Kitchen and the Nagambie Bakery.
There are several bars and restaurants in Nagambie, but you can also enjoy great meals in the town’s best cafes like the Old Lake Kitchen, Cafe One 7, and Nagambie Bakery.

Yes, the Old Lake Kitchen and Cafe 3 One 7 are relatively close to the lake, so you don’t have to travel very far to enjoy a nice meal.

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