Nagambie is the most attractive location for your vacation or trips needs. You’ll have a memorable time having different activities on the human-made Lake and the adjacent Goulburn River. Most tour experts view it as an ideal and scenic fishing spot in Australia for you and your family to enjoy Fishing on kayaks, land-based anglers, and boats. You can have various activities at the location for your enjoyment needs. This article provides a guide to the Nagambie lakes for your trip and vacation enjoyments.

Activities to do at Lake Nagambie

Due to the scenic and lovely location of the Lake, we’ve got various activities or things you can do for your enjoyment at the location. The Lake is directly off the main walkway and provides family-friendly cabins or accommodation. Lake Nagambie presents the best location for various activities such as fishing, wine tasting, and many more. Below are the best things you can do at the Lake.

A Comprehensive Guide to Nagambie Lakes 4

1.Wine Tasting

If you love taking wine, wine-tasting at the local distilleries is the best activity at this location. The neighboring areas have various vineyards for different wine-tasting activities. In addition, you can get the local chef’s best wine from the indigenously growing flavors. The township area hosts a Lakes community market for the brewer tasting activity on the first Saturday of the month. You can enjoy your wine while enjoying the spectacular view of the surrounding plains and Strathbogie Ranges.

2.Boat Ramping

Boat ramping is the best activity you can take with your family, friends, and colleagues at Nagambie Lakes. We’ve got various good boat ramps around the Lakes for you to enjoy your vacation or trip at the Lakes. For instance, you can enjoy boat ramping at McNamara’s Point, Majors Creek, Buckley Park Nagambie, and Turners Island Lane. These points will enhance your experience and ensure you get a memorable experience at the location.

3.Enjoy Food at the Eateries

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A Comprehensive Guide to Nagambie Lakes 5

In recent years, Nagambie’s cafe and restaurant have been with more visitors trickling in for the different delicious meals and drinks. While at the Nagambie Lakes, you can enjoy the culinary delights at these restaurants or cafes. Nagambie Brewery and Distillery is one of the best restaurants you can choose for your enjoyable meals. You can enjoy pub classics, modern share plates, and pizzas from local ingredients with your families or colleagues. If it’s too early for a bottle of beer, it’ll be good to grab a seat behind the deck and relax in the restaurant’s airy dining room.


Nagambie Lakes is the best location for fishing enthusiasts to have a better fishing experience and activity. The Lake is famous for its different fishing and sporting activities. We’ve got various fish like the rainbow trout, Murray cod, crayfish, carp, and gold you can catch at the Lake.

When fishing at the Lakes, we’ve got various effective fishing techniques that you need to understand to enjoy your fishing sport. For instance, the guide will show you casting lures and hard-bodied lures in deeper channels like lipless crankbaits, soft-plastic, or spinnerbaits along the banks and shallows. While fishing at the Lake, it’ll be good to concentrate on casting the lures towards or suspending the baits against visible structures.

The warm months are the best times for this sporting activity as you can find the fish shallowly. Due to the warmer or slightly higher temperatures, you can find the fish about 1-2 meters deep in the water, making them spread shallowly in the shallow and deeper waters. Regardless of your fishing experience, at the Lakes, you can enjoy your fishing activity. The authorities provide various lures and soft plastic for your fishing needs. The traps help you get creative and mix your retrieval technique to target large and trophy-sized Murray codfish.

Fish to target at Lakes Nagambie

Fishing is significant activity at this lakeside, and there are various fish you can target for your fishing activities. Below are the top fish species you can target at the Lake:

Targeting Yellowbelly

These are attractive fish common in this water system. You can use curl tail soft plastics as the best lures for these stand-out fish at the Lake. This lure works best when you’re tying your kayak or boat against trees and working the soft plastic against them. You can also add noise to the fishing action by tapping your rod’s butt or hitting a jig head with timber. These activities take the predatory nature of the fish. Choosing good baits and rods approximately seven feet will be essential to enhance your sportfishing needs for the yellowbelly.

Targeting Murray Cod

It’s one of the largest freshwater fish in Australia that grows into various sizes. While enjoying your sport fishing at Nagambie lakes, you can enjoy targeting this type of fish. The best time to target these fish at the Lake is during sundown and sunrise, as they are active in low light conditions. The best lures for the Murray Cods are shads, swimbaits, lipless crankbaits, curtail soft plastics, and surface lures. You can enjoy fishing the Murray Cods by tolling or slowly working them on your boat after getting a permit from the authorities. You can make your fishing fun by using imitation frogs, ducks, and mice to target these fish.

Targeting Trout

Trouts are the most challenging fish to trap while having your sportfishing activity at the Lake. When targeting Trout at Lake Nagambie, experts recommend that you use spinners, Tassie devils, metal spoons, and hard body minnows as the appropriate lures. Fly Fishing will be the proper way to enhance your fishing methods and experience when fishing or targeting Trout. Importantly, it’d be good to understand that the fish are always active during the seasons, especially during the first and the last daylight. However, before embarking on the journey, it’ll be good to understand all the tricks and tips for targeting these fish.

Targeting Redfin

A Comprehensive Guide to Nagambie Lakes 6

When having your sportfishing, experts recommend targeting one with a light spin outfit. These will enhance your fishing experience and increase your fish catch rates. These fish respond well to soft plastics and lures, such as minnow imitations, paddle tails, curl tails, etc. The appropriate way to use these lures is to cat them towards visible structures and roll them slowly with the lifts for retrieval. You can also use shallow diving hard body blades, vibes, and lures to enhance your fishing system when targeting the redfin fish.

5.Events and Competition at Lake Nagambie

Competitions and events in the lakes are essential to consider when looking at a guide to the Nagambie lakes. The Nagambie Lakes are famous for hosting different competitions and events for fun and making your trips or vacations enjoyable. Recently, the Lake hosted one of the largest and richest sport fishing competitions on the continent. The lakes host various such activities for fun and competition to make you enjoy your visit or trip. Some events are for competing purposes, but you can engage in some for fun. However, you must register or book in advance when you want to participate in these activities or events.

Known Hazards at Nagambie Lakes

Safety is a crucial factor when enjoying yourself at any location to enhance your experience and ensure you enjoy the place. If you travel to the location with the kids or family members, it’ll be wise to ensure they’re safe. Notably, the best way to ensure your safety while on your vacation or trip at the Nagambie lakes is to understand the possible hazards and look for the appropriate way to mitigate them. The potential hazard at the location is the venomous wild animals. Like Lizards and snakes that are venomous, many wildlife, like tigers, Red-bellied black snakes, inhabit the Lake. Therefore, it’ll be essential to keep away from them or seek your tour guards’ advice.

Nagambie Rules and Regulations

When enjoying your time at this vacation and trip location, it’ll be good to understand the rules and regulations of the location. These rules are essential to enhance your events or activities experience and help to ensure a quality waterway. Below are the top rules and regulations at Nagambie Lakes:


The Nagambie Lakes provides an ideal location for enjoying your trip or vacation in Australia. The human-made Lake is a true definition of an attractive location for you and your family’s needs. However, before visiting the location, it’s essential to understand all the activities at the location and understand all the rules & regulations. The above is a guide to the Nagambie Lakes necessary before visiting the place and enjoying your precious time at the location.

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