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Nagambie Lakes

Jump in your car or hop on the train or bus because Nagambie is a region of wine, waterways, wetlands and wildlife only 90 minutes from Melbourne (map) and only 40mins from Shepparton.

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At its heart, the township of Nagambie offers a huge range of outdoor activities (both on and off the lake!) and is host to regular rowing regattas including the prestigious “Head of the River”. If you’re looking for a day trip, weekend escape, event location or tree change: here it is!

There’s just so much to do in the region. Hire a canoe or tinnie and travel along the majestic Goulburn River, with its abundant bird life, native plants & animals.

Take a trip in the river boat between Mitchelton and the historic Tahbilk wineries.

Stay at one of the many accommodation houses, motels, resorts, B&Bs and leisure parks or find a peaceful camping spot. Not to mention all the fishing, skiing, rowing, sailing, boating and splashing?!

If you’d rather stay dry, there’s a huge range of cellar doors and fabulous gourmet cafes and restaurants to visit. Or perhaps a drive or bike ride through neighbouring Longwood and Avenel and up into the Strathbogie Ranges, fossicking around the antique & produce stores, gem stone & art galleries, museums and markets. Maybe a picnic at the old Whroo gold fields and a tour of the local historic bridges and Goulburn Weir.

For those seeking a bit more action there’s skydiving, four wheel driving, dirt bike riding and ‘crash and bash’ nights at the Nagambie Speedway and don’t forget the golf course, tennis courts, bowls and croquet clubs. And if you just want to unwind well it doesn’t get much better than a massage or spa treatment followed by a glass of delicious local wine while watching the sunset over the lake.

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Nagambie Visitor Info Centre

Located in the middle of town next to the Jetty Apartments you will find the Visitor Information Centre. P: (03) 5794 1471This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Nagambie Farmers’ Market at Tahbilk

Fourth Sunday of each month. Bringing back Local, Fresh Food! Welcome to the Nagambie Farmers’ Market. The Nagambie Farmers’ Market isVFMA accredited. This wonderful market is now located at the picturesque Tahbilk Winery Estate, 254 O’Neils Rd, Tabilk. Join us on the fourth Sunday of each month. We’ve sourced the best local produce from our region including fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, milk, eggs, butter, bread, cheese, pork, beef, lamb, fish, chicken, goat, wine, beer, olives, olive oil, chocolate, ice-cream, pies, pastries, flour, jams, preserves and much more. Its time to Meet our Makers.

Nagambie Lakes Community Market

The Nagambie Lakes Community Market is located in the centre median strip immediately adjacent to the main shopping precinct. The market operates to coincide with community and tourism events.  The market runs with a make, bake, sew & grow theme that insists on a high level of local and Australian content. Regular stalls include:


Take a drive to Nagambie, less than 90 mins from Melbourne and centrally located. The market is rapidly growing and has lots to offer with off street parking at Buckley Park and stunning views over the lake. Check out the Nagambie Lakeside Market websiteHERE Have a look what they’re up to on facebookHERE

Nagambie Lakes

Only 90 minutes from Melbourne, Nagambie Lake is a region of wine, natural sceneries, and outdoor activities. Even though it is located near Melbourne, it is a world away from it, making it a great choice for a weekend of relaxation and fun moments.

Offering a great range of outdoor activities (both on and off the lake) Nagambie is the perfect place for swimming, sailing, fishing, or just spending time with loved ones. Its natural beauty makes it one of the most beautiful places in Australia to enjoy wildlife, lakes, hikes, and nature to appreciate. It is the perfect place for your next trip.

Town’s History 

Nagambie Lake was founded in 1891 with the Nagambie town at its shores. The whole town revolves around the lake, and you can see why with its beautiful scenery that includes wildlife and a great climate.

What to Do for Fun 

There are a lot of things to do for fun in Nagambie, and you can definitely find something for every type of person. If you want a cozy place to relax, drink wine, and have a romantic weekend, you will love the town’s winery and eco-trail. Expect great conversations, a feeling of reconnection to what matters, and fun at every stop.

Now, if you’re looking for fun activities and to get your body moving, you can sail, swim, go fishing, and camp all in the same weekend – even the same day if you want to do that. The point is that Nagambie has an option for everyone.

Wine Tasting 

Imagine tasting a great wine selection, laughing so hard your belly aches, and having the most interesting conversations you’ve ever had. This is exactly what’s expected when you go on the wine tasting tour in Nagambie.

Home to the Goulburn Valley Vintage Festival, Nagambie has several wineries including Tahbilk (which has National Trust certification) and Mitchelton.


A natural and quiet environment for you to enjoy a walk by the sound of birds chirping, the eco-trail can be both a romantic and relaxing experience being the perfect getaway from the stress of modern life and a moment to appreciate the sounds of nature.

Picnic Spots

Nagambie offers great picnic spots by the lake that you can enjoy with friends and family. Just bring your picnic blanket, a basket full of treats, and some tasty wine from one of the wineries in town.

The best spots are near the lake during the sunset where you can relax and enjoy the end of the day surrounded by nature.

Go on a Cruise on The Rivers and Lakes of Nagambie

If you love exploring, you can enjoy a cruise on the rivers and lakes of the Nagambie region, which has cinematic views from the top deck of The Goulburn Explorer.


A perfect activity to enjoy with kids or large groups is swimming, and the Nagambie lakes do not let you down. Enjoy pleasant temperatures, great spaces for swimming, and a refreshing holiday in the town with lots of water activities. Swimming can be enjoyed at all times during the day, but the morning is the best time to go to the lake for swimming and sailing, and it’s a great opportunity to meet both locals and visitors.

Horse Riding

Another activity that’s better if done early is horse riding, which is a perfect way to enjoy the lake, and take advantage of the cool weather of Nagambie. Although the town’s fame comes from its lakes, the region also houses the Goldburn Valley Stud, Australia’s most successful racing horses.


Nagambie Lakes is a great place to camp, but the region also offers a great range of camping parks for you to choose from if you fancy some natural, outdoorsy weekend.

You can choose Majors Creek, Watauga Basin, Sunny Acres Farm, among other options to have the perfect camping experience with beautiful sceneries and the calming effect of nature as your backyard.


Yes, you can swim in Lake Nagambie. You can also do other water activities such as fishing, canoeing, sailing, and going on a cruise.

Lake Nagambie is located in the Goulburn region in Victoria, Australia.

You can sail on Lake Nagambie, and, as a matter of fact, you should sail on Lake Nagambie since it is one of the best activities to do here.



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